Imaginational Re-evolution

Our world is riddled with doesn't need to be!
It is time to go back to basics and build a solid emotional
foundation from which all else can grow.
The imagination plays a huge role in our experience
of the world and we can learn to use it to the instigate change and
empower ourselves. Create the emotional foundation you need
NOW to live the life you LOVE.

What I Offer.

Hi I am Cindy

I am motivated to help you or your child live a life without anxiety, without worry and without struggle. I experienced anxiety and panic attacks as a young child into adulthood and am aware of the suffering experienced. If I had the knowledge, awareness or information I have now, I would not have suffered. We need to go back to basics and start from the foundation up, Create a solid emotional foundation from which all else is experienced and teach our kids to do the same. Connecting with and becoming aware of your imagination and what it is doing is a key to building this foundation.

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Success Stories

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You are honestly one of the most strong and strength allowing people I have ever met. Many years ago I came to you with issues that I could not see myself escaping. You changed that. The things you taught me and taught me about myself still come into play in my life and help me to this day. You have raised absolutely breathtaking children who have also contributed to my life in such a positive way. Your clarity and extensive experience are a true gift to the world.

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What You Believe You Will See What You Believe You Will See! - Standing in my friend’s kitchen, a house I had been to many times, I was admiring the stain on her timber floors and asked her when she had them done. She looked up over her cup of tea and laughed, telling me with surprise they had always been that way. Was I really that self […]
EmpowerYOU! Feeling Sad Without Anxiety or Feeling Joy with Anxiety… What would you choose? - This may seem like a rather silly question - for those who have not experienced anxiety AND for those who live with it constantly. My Joy with Anxiety As many of you know, I suffered anxiety, panic attacks and OCD from a young child until I was 23. For many of those years a lot […]
What do you want from your friendships What do you want from your friendships? - Most of us are guilty, at some time in our life, of wanting our needs met by someone else’s actions. I have been. “Why can’t they just notice how much I do so I can feel satisfied and important?” Sound familiar?


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