I am motivated to help you or your child live a life without anxiety, without worry and without struggle. I experienced anxiety and panic attacks as a young child into adulthood and am aware of the suffering experienced. I know this suffering is unnecessary. How do I know this? I know if I had the knowledge/awarenenss/informtation I have now, I would not have suffered. In fact, I would have felt empowered and happy. I want to share this so you or your child do not suffer. We need to go back to basics and start from the foundation up. Creating a solid emotional foundation from which all else is experienced is what is needed and then we can teach our kids to do the same. Connecting with and becoming aware of your imagination and what it is doing is a key to building this foundation. Your imagination creates your experiences.

When you feel shy, you are imagining something that is making you feel shy.

When you feel worried about something, you are imagining all the things that can go wrong When you feel confident, you are imagining things that give you the confidence.

I could go on and on.

Your imagination is the key to changing your life, to creating a solid emotional foundation and to becoming self-empowered. It is not only used for creative ventures like creating art, writing songs or scrapbooking. It isn’t deactivated when you get older.

Your imagination is used for creative ventures such as everyday life...everyday! You have stopped listening or seeing what our imagination is doing and have let it run wild. You have not been taught how to be in the driver’s seat and neither has your child.

If you have ever tried really hard to change something in your life and it just hasn’t worked, you will find connecting with your imagination and learning how to use it, one of the most valuable things you could do.

In my life and with my children and clients, I have become the ‘Imaginationalist’. Looking at what is happening in the mind to cause unwanted feelings and behaviours as wells as looking at what needs to happen in the mind to create wanted feelings and behaviours.

We need to be teaching children about their thoughts and their imagination. This is how we help our children create a solid emotional foundation. I believe if we do this one thing, we will reduce anxiety, depression, bullying and many other emotional traumas that seem so common today.

Help me help our children. Empower your child or a child you know, today. There are many ways you can use my information and my site to filter this new understanding into your life and the life of a child.

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I have always thought outside the box. It isn’t something I meant to do but it is something I was born to do and I have never been able to help it. For a long time this caused me a lot of pain because I was different to everyone else and didn’t feel like I fit in. It led to anxiety and anxiety related problems. Now I am happy to say I love to be different and I don’t live outside the box because I don’t think there is a box. In fact we are all different, you too. Once we learn to embrace our difference then we learn how to be happy in any moment we choose. It is really about becoming an expert in you. Exploring what you really want and what steps you need to take to Expand into it and then Experience your life in a whole new way.

Wendy Hill

I have had a coaching session, been a workshop and webinar participant on many occasions’ with Cindy.  What shines out most to me about Cindy is her ability to listen at a deep level and most of all her authenticity.  You know there is someone there who truly wants to see you succeed with a better quality of life

Wendy Hill
Di Roberts

Cindy was my mentor and my life coach. She shows amazing insights into life that helped me move forward on my own path. She was empathetic without being protective, supportive yet inspiring and someone who’s presence I valued in life.

Highly recommended

Di Roberts
Stefani Zappia

I was a student with the Life Coaching Academy in 2012 where Cindy Russell was assigned as my mentor to assist me throughout my studies. I believe Cindy’s expertise, patience and dedication were instrumental in making this very personal journey of mine a truly enlightening and inspiring experience. Thank you Cindy for your positive contribution and for all your encouragement and support.

Stefani Zappia