The Peaceful Mind Project

Our world is riddled with anxiety and doesn't need to be!
It is time to go back to basics and reconnect with ourselves, to create a peaceful mind and deeply connect with who we are and LOVE it.
This is something I wish we were all be taught from the get go - I wish I was!
Would you like a peaceful mind? Would you like a deeper connection with yourself?  This is the answer to getting rid of worry, negative thinking and anxiety.  Instead of taking steps to manage or live with what we don't want, let's create what we do want.
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What I Offer.

Hi I am Cindy

I am motivated to help you or your child live a life without anxiety, without worry and without struggle. I experienced anxiety and panic attacks as a young child into adulthood and am aware of the suffering experienced. If I had the knowledge, awareness or information I have now, I would not have suffered. We need to go back to basics and start from the foundation up, Create a solid emotional foundation from which all else is experienced and teach our kids to do the same. Connecting with and becoming aware of your imagination and what it is doing is a key to building this foundation.

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Success Stories

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"Thanks for a great experience of life coaching. Although I had never done it before and did not consider myself as somebody in need for coaching (I found my life quite balanced and was quite happy with most of it), you managed to turn up some stones which had fallen into the wrong places and helped me to see things which I would not have seen (or at least not seen now) as something worth considering to change. However, sometimes the little things (or changes for that matter) make all the difference.

Also, thanks for your assistance to turn over some new pages in my life which might be worth pursuing. After this experience coaching was not so much about achieving results through changes now, but more about having options for the future. In summary, even if you thought that life is all in order, a coaching session with yourself uncovers the opportunities and options life holds for everybody. I would always recommend to do a session with you again, even if I thought that life is all in order. Thanks heaps for the experience."

Till Brauckmann Executive Commercial Manager - Marketing (Siemens Ltd) December 15, 2015

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Sometimes my mind is NOT peaceful and that is okay! - There was a week recently that felt really tough. My mind wasn’t peaceful at all. The negative thoughts seemed more prominent, affecting me when they normally wouldn’t. I was sort of okay with it, knowing there was a reason AND that I would find my peace again. I just needed to keep up my usual […]
What will you imagine next How My Imagination Nearly Ruined My Life AND How To Make Sure Yours Doesn’t Do The Same! - I used to be scared of dying.  I guess this is not uncommon but the reason it scared me ruled my life for a long time.  It caused anxiety, panic attacks and I believe the OCD I experienced for many years. I was scared because I wondered what happened when we die, and in wondering […]
What are you imagining this Christmas? - Christmas gatherings are a bit like Christmas wrapping. Different colours, shapes, designs, sizes, quality, etc etc. Are you the blue snowflake or the red bauble? Anyway it doesn't matter. The point is - families come in many different forms with many different ingredients and as a result Christmas can be one of the most stressful […]


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