Life Coaching

“Oh My Goodness!!! There are sooooo many Life Coaches out there, what do they all do? What does it even mean? “ Are questions I often hear.

There ARE a lot of Life Coaches. Many are amazing and some are not so good (and not trained) so please do your research.

Life Coaches are NOT experts in ‘Life’. Good Life Coaches are like good Sports Coaches, they bring out the best in the ‘players’.

A good Life Coach will ask questions that help you explore more of who you are.

A good Life Coach will help you get clarity around what you want to achieve – A really important step!

A good Life Coach will ask questions to help expand your thinking to include answers you may not have thought of.

A good Life Coach will help you come up with ways to put this new learning into your experience of everyday life.

The right question asked at the right time can create BIG ‘ah-ha’ moments. They unlock ideas, inspiration, potential and awareness that will change you no matter what.

I have a Diploma in Life Coaching and have also taught Life Coaching at the Life Coaching Academy in Australia. There I also mentored 100’s of students completing their qualifications.

It is under the umbrella of Life Coaching I place all my other modalities to make each coaching session unique and tailored specifically for you.


Do you ever feel like you are stuck beyond your control?

In my coaching sessions I use Kinesiology when you experience ‘stuck’ energy states. This ‘stuckness’ would otherwise slow you down, or worse stop you from achieving your goals.

Kinesiology is an amazing technique developed by Chiropractor Dr John Thie in the late 1960’s. It uses muscle testing to gauge the electrical energy flows through the body, from your muscles to your brain and back again. This current is a directly linked to the brain and specifically the unconscious part of the brain.

Kinesiology draws a lot on Eastern Medicine and the techniques provided by each kinesiology practitioner will differ, depending on their training and experience.

I have been working as a Kinesiology Practitioner since 1996 and have been a qualified instructor for most of that time. I have enjoyed teaching and although I no longer teach groups, I can’t help but pass on my knowledge to individuals who seek coaching.

Neuro Linguistic Progamming (NLP)

Did you know you have unconscious programs running for everything you do? Brushing your teeth, walking down stairs, socialising with friends and interacting with work colleagues, to name a few.

It is these unconscious programs that enable us to go about our day without having to think of, or concentrate on, everything we do.

Remember when you first learned to tie your shoes how much concentration it took? This is because it was not an unconscious program yet. How much concentration do you place on tying your shoes now? I am pretty confident you can tie your shoes, seemingly, without thinking of it. It has become an unconscious program!

You also run many unconscious programs that may be holding you back, keeping you stuck or sabotaging areas of your life.

You may have an unconscious program to be shy around authority figures. Normally the life of the party, you feel lost when having to address superiors at work.

You may have an unconscious program to eat sugar when you are sad. You can enjoy being healthy and not touching sugar until you feel sad and then you have NO control.

NLP helps to turn off the unwanted programs, that are holding you back and create new programs to empower. This quickly moves you in the direction you want to go.

I have trained to the level of Master Practitioner in NLP and taught NLP to coaches studying at The Life Coaching Academy Australia. I look forward to using NLP in coaching sessions to power you forward.

Energy Readings

You are more than your physical body. You have an energetic body too that is constantly communicating and interacting with others and your environment.

Would you like to know what this energy body is saying? A lot of the time the answers you are looking for are right there, you may not be hearing them. I can, and I can help you hear them too.

I have been reading energy my whole life only I didn’t realise it for a very long time. Now I want to use this skill I have been given to help you.

In your coaching session I cannot help but hear ALL your answers and I will always incorporate everything I hear into my questions and our session. This makes your session so much more valuable and moves you closer to your desires faster.

I have Certification with Doreen Virtues Angel Intuitive Course and also Sonia Choquette’s Sixth Sensory Training. It seemed an unusual concept being trained in this area because I thought you either have it or you don’t. This training helped me to see that I had it and showed me how to use it for the betterment of all.

I work with Angel Cards for clients who are interested; they give guidance and direction you may otherwise not see. I also work directly with your energy and chakra system.

Sometimes you can – unknowingly - be in conflict with your energy. That will not get you anywhere fast and is best to resolve quickly, I can help you do this.

Whether you have a card reading or not you will have access to my sixth sense during all your coaching sessions. This does not mean I will be giving you advice but rather that I will be guided to the next question for you and information you may otherwise not have received.


Often people are confused about the difference between mentoring and coaching. A coach can help someone even if they have never had experience in the area they are helping the person.

A coach could help a person feel confident presenting in a meeting even if they had never presented in a meeting themselves.

A coach could help a parent with their relationship with a child even if they have never been a parent.

This is because a coach unlocks the answers and potential within a person.

A mentor is a bit different. A mentor is someone who has walked the path you are on and succeeded. They can give tips and guidance as well as sharing their knowledge and experiences of how they did it.

I have mentored 100’s of coaches in becoming coaches, putting their qualifications into action and building their own coaching business.

I have mentored parents in becoming empowered and inspired in their parenting. Giving tips, tools, and strategies to help raise Confident, Happy children to grow into empowered and inspired adults.

I have mentored other small business owners in building their business online and off.

Adding mentoring to my coaching sessions in these areas means I will not only unlock your potential and the knowledge within you to help you come up with the steps and changes you will make. I will also offer you tips, tools and strategies I have and know work.


In the process of studying, training and applying the above techniques on clients, and myself I have gained an enormous amount of resources. I openly share any resource I have or know about with you.