Are you here because you would like a more peaceful mind? You would like to have a connection with yourself, like who you are and share that with the world - well at least the people around you 😃 ?
I know how you feel!  I want every adult and child out there to live their life WITHOUT anxiety and WITHOUT worry.  I experienced debilitating anxiety, panic attacks and OCD from a young child and into my early adulthood.  In fact, it wasn’t until my second daughter was 2 years old that I finally bid goodbye to anxiety and started a solid relationship with myself as my new best friend.
I wish I knew back then what I know now. It would come in handy in may aspects but most of all I know I would not have suffered like I did for all those years and this would have saved my parents a lot of suffering too.  Along my pathway as I learned more and more and noticed the difference in how I was feeling, I asked myself “Why didn’t anyone tell me this sooner?”  and I couldn’t answer that other than to say that others didn’t know either.  We are not taught in school how to be a friend to ourselves, we are not taught about our thoughts and the impact they have on creating our experience in each moment.
I believe we need to go back to basics or actually just go to the basics (because often we haven’t been there in the first place).  There needs to be more awareness on our thoughts, on our mind and how it works.  Did you know the unconscious mind is responsible for 97% of your life and yet we learn nothing about it.  I have learned to become friends with my unconscious mind and oh boy does it make everything a LOT easier.
I did countless personal development courses and programs and I studied Kinesiology at first, Neuro Linguistic Programming and then Life Coaching.  I love learning and especially love learning about the mind and what we can do to ensure we are experiencing ourselves, others and the world the way we want.
I would love to see you, along with all children and adults, understand your mind and how to get the most out of it, your potential to feel the way you want and knowing how to create your experience to move from anxiety to empowerment, panic to calm, shy to confident or anything else you want.
I now have 4 children, two of them grown up and moved away.  I look back and think about life as a parent and am grateful I could share with them what I had learned for me.  There are important life skills out there that we are missing, our children are missing.
I have worked for a long time with both children and adults witnessing amazing transformations as people have connected with who they really are and experienced more confidence, joy and peace as a result.
I have a closed Facebook Group called THE PEACEFUL MIND PROJECT and you are welcome to send through your request to join.  There are nearly 4000 members and we talk daily on the topics needed to help us all enjoy or create the peaceful mind we want.
If you would like to connect more to talk about how I may be able to help you further please click here to book in a FREE 20 min breakthrough session.  I promise you wont regret it.  I look forward to connecting with you.

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I have always thought outside the box. It isn’t something I meant to do but it is something I was born to do and I have never been able to help it. For a long time this caused me a lot of pain because I was different to everyone else and didn’t feel like I fit in. It led to anxiety and anxiety related problems. Now I am happy to say I love to be different and I don’t live outside the box because I don’t think there is a box. In fact we are all different, you too. Once we learn to embrace our difference then we learn how to be happy in any moment we choose. It is really about becoming an expert in you. Exploring what you really want and what steps you need to take to Expand into it and then Experience your life in a whole new way.

Wendy Hill

I have had a coaching session, been a workshop and webinar participant on many occasions’ with Cindy.  What shines out most to me about Cindy is her ability to listen at a deep level and most of all her authenticity.  You know there is someone there who truly wants to see you succeed with a better quality of life

Wendy Hill
Di Roberts

Cindy was my mentor and my life coach. She shows amazing insights into life that helped me move forward on my own path. She was empathetic without being protective, supportive yet inspiring and someone who’s presence I valued in life.

Highly recommended

Di Roberts
Stefani Zappia

I was a student with the Life Coaching Academy in 2012 where Cindy Russell was assigned as my mentor to assist me throughout my studies. I believe Cindy’s expertise, patience and dedication were instrumental in making this very personal journey of mine a truly enlightening and inspiring experience. Thank you Cindy for your positive contribution and for all your encouragement and support.

Stefani Zappia