I began the program wanting to improve my quality of life as I was struggling from anxiety and depression. After the first session I knew I was on the correct path with Cindy to get my life up to the standard I wanted. During the program I was tackling issues I was having from past, present and future events using the tools given to me in Cindy's sessions. By the end of the program I was leading the life I wanted.

Cindy is a true Alchemist. To be conscious of the changes happening to me over time gave me a deep feeling of happiness.

If I didn't do the program I wouldn't have the enthusiastic attitude I now have.


Cindy's 12 week coaching program has made a massive positive difference to my life, to how I feel and how I process challenges moving forward.

I experienced tremendous improvement in my anxiety almost immediately.  Cindy was able to work on whatever it was that concerned me or challenged me, the language she speaks, the nature of the content, it is eye opening for me, it has really resonated with me and I have a sense of excitement about the future. "the shackles are off"

The phone consultations are great, surprisingly great, though the personal sessions were my favourite

I entered the program optimistic that it would help with my anxiety, something I've suffered from my entire life. On a level that is at times crippling, and at the least very life limiting, and I would even describe it as scary. Not only did the sessions with Cindy meet my expectations, they far exceeded them. To walk out of a session completely free of anxiety was a strange and exhilarating experience ! And i haven’ t looked back.

There have been scenarios since I completed the program where I've noticed a significant improvement in how I handled a challenge, how I felt through the process, and ultimately the outcome. And from this experience I was able to really acknowledge this change within myself, to recognise it, and use it as a foundation for the future. I'm talking workplace challenges, relationship issues, parenting, financial, health etc

Cindy is not the first counsellor/life coach I've worked with in my life, though she is hands down the best. A particularly good fit for me. I'm very grateful that she came into my life and shared with me her knowledge and understanding of the subconscious mind, the importance of self love, how to achieve it, positive reinforcement through affirmations, and many other intricacies and techniques of the mind, that have helped my quality of life. Having a snowball effect in the right direction.



Cindy is a very focused listener who responds very sensitively yet with a sense of confident purpose and direction. One of the best coaches I have every worked with.

Cindy's questions always made me feel that she had listened deeply and they guided me toward deeper understanding, I always felt she had a useful range of tools available for what I was struggling with.

Cindy was a great example of the type of coach I am working to become.



I got many more insights our of the 12 week coaching program than I expected.  Before I started I was not sure if this program could be for me and help me but I was amazed where the journey took me and about the outcomes.

Becoming self-empowered on so many more levels than I expected, taking part in this program was an eye-opening experience without parallel.

I had not had anything to do with self-improvement or life coaching before but Cindy quickly won me over with her precise analytical skills.

I did not know what to expect and I must say I am very impressed with the many different and unexpected outcomes which are all very positive throughout.

My main goal was to improve my communication abilities ini my personal life and in the sessions I learned a lot about why things are the way they are today and how to change them. The easy steps to implement the changes were actually fun to do and did help almost instantly. There is still a lot of work to be done but I can see that things are changing to the better and that is very rewarding.

If I didn't do this program I would have been heading toward divorce with all the nasty emotional and financial consequences. Now my partner and I can see a way forward and are very grateful for that.


Martin Scheilp

Our eight year old daughter was getting more and more angry, and spending a lot of time of her own taking herself away from the family. We did know small incidents she had experienced at school. We thought our words and advise were something she understood, and helping her.   She came home one day punching doors whilst crying. She was also having problems in other areas other than school but from then it was quite clear we did not understand the depth.

I contacted her teacher and arranged a meeting with her and the Prinicpal. Her teacher referred to Kaseys nervousness as anxiety and progressively getting worse and suggested Cindy Russell’s programme. I had also heard positive reports about the program from other parents within the school.

Kasey started the program approximately 3 months ago.

We noticed a change in her mood in 2 sessions with Cindy. She is happy to go to school and happy when she gets into the car of an afternoon. Kasey now recognises her feelings and uses Cindy’s strategies to deal with situations whether it be school or another area of her life. We are grateful to Cindy for showing Kasey different ways of thinking.


Within moments of our Skype session (very convenient, I might add) Cindy helped me to separate the emotion from my desires and fears by highlighting clear action steps. She was organised and kept our session structured and on-task, ensuring I got absolute value for my investment of her service (well worth every cent!).

During our session, Cindy asked simple questions. This assisted me in reaching my decision early on in the session. By doing so, Cindy and I were able to use my answers to her questions as grenades to explode the obstacles that I’d invented as excuses to achieving my writing goal.

The Q & A technique gave me the confidence that I needed to not only make the right decision for myself and my family, but to also forge ahead on my own but if I need a “tune up” I’ll know who to call.

I would highly recommend Cindy for anyone that needs assistance in their direction, goal setting, career focus and family and life concerns. After my session with Cindy I felt that I had shed a heavy burden. I was energised and excited.

Cindy will always hold a special place in my heart because in one hour she helped put me back on the path I was destined for… and for this I will always be thankful."

Flavia Young

I was recommended Cindy from someone who said "you won't look back", and this was exactly right. I am a much happier and stronger person, and definitely understand myself a lot better. One of the best parts of the program is that it is all forward looking, you don't dwell on the past, rather you focus on how to improve today, tomorrow and the rest of your life! Cindy helped me in my professional career, in particular regaining my confidence, and also my home life, in particular with my young children. I continue to use the tools that she has given me and apply them to all facets of my life, both work and personal. I would recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to improve themselves, the results for me were beyond my expectations.


Having had previous experience with coaching we have found Cindy's approach to work well for myself and my wife in finding a balance for work and life. Cindy helped to put simple strategies in place to help us breakdown and deal with complex problems, or what we perceived to be complex problems. In very little time we realised the difference these strategies are making.

We both look forward to working with Cindy in future as we drive full steam towards our goals and achieving our dreams."

Ian Fulton The Computer Guy

You are honestly one of the most strong and strength allowing people I have ever met. Many years ago I came to you with issues that I could not see myself escaping. You changed that. The things you taught me and taught me about myself still come into play in my life and help me to this day. You have raised absolutely breathtaking children who have also contributed to my life in such a positive way. Your clarity and extensive experience are a true gift to the world.

Georgie Keen

"Cindy has been a wonderful help and support to me for many years. She has helped me successfully work through many challenges, often combining her many areas of expertise to combat and work through issues. From kinesiology, to life coaching and NLP, this wholistic approach, combined with Cindy's extremely intuitive nature, has been invaluable. I would highly recommend Cindy to anyone who is finding it difficult to overcome the various challenges that life throws our way or simply just to get some direction and purpose back in their life."

Lauren Russell

I brought my 5 year old daughter to see Cindy last year after she began experiencing anxiety. Cindy was so wonderful with Ruby and provided her with some amazing techniques to use in times when things became stressful.  She was able to practice these whenever she needed and they were easy for her to utilise and understand. In no time at all, our happy little girl had returned and the usual triggers for her anxiety were no longer a problem. I was amazed at the transformation and how quickly and effectively Cindy’s treatment was.Cindy’s treatments have given Ruby the opportunity to face new challenges without being overwhelmed and provided her with tools to use when confronted with something unfamiliar.

I am truly grateful for the wonderful healing Cindy gave to Ruby.  She is an inspiring practitioner and someone I would highly recommend to anyone.


"Cindy has coached me during my studies with the Life Coaching Academy, and also in my career as a business coach. Cindy has been intuitive, supportive and encouraging. With her NLP skills and natural ability to meet people in their view of the world, Cindy helped me visualise my solutions. Cindy has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues quickly and effectively. I not only experienced a skilled, perceptive professional asking insightful questions to help me find my own answers, but a true meeting of spirits. Thanks Cindy."


"Thanks for a great experience of life coaching. Although I had never done it before and did not consider myself as somebody in need for coaching (I found my life quite balanced and was quite happy with most of it), you managed to turn up some stones which had fallen into the wrong places and helped me to see things which I would not have seen (or at least not seen now) as something worth considering to change. However, sometimes the little things (or changes for that matter) make all the difference.

Also, thanks for your assistance to turn over some new pages in my life which might be worth pursuing. After this experience coaching was not so much about achieving results through changes now, but more about having options for the future. In summary, even if you thought that life is all in order, a coaching session with yourself uncovers the opportunities and options life holds for everybody. I would always recommend to do a session with you again, even if I thought that life is all in order. Thanks heaps for the experience."

Till Brauckmann Executive Commercial Manager - Marketing (Siemens Ltd)

"It is my pleasure to write about Cindy Russell's practice.

I first met Cindy in the year 2000 when I was working in Wollongong. Our sessions were in kinesiology. It was an amazing series of sessions and I was overwhelmed with her sensibility to deal with my issues.

So was the impact of Cindy's work on me, that in 2006, when I was not very well, I decided to return to Wollongong specially to be treated by her.  All way from the UK to Australia and again, Cindy's amazing knowledge and talent to deal with delicate issues healed and grounded me.

Cindy was again on my rescue in 2011, this time by regular sessions via skype. And how good and amazing was that. Life coaching sessions from across the world. 

I can only say good things about Cindy Russell. As a life coach, as kinesiology and as a person.

Her competence and sensibility to deal with very delicate and serious issues is a rare talent  and I feel very privileged to have met her and to have her in my life. She is a kind of practitioner who you immediately trust and feel save.

What else can I say? Cindy, with her amazing generosity and competence have changed my life."

Angela DeCastro
Angela DeCastro

"After suffering from chronic anxiety attacks for over 6 months, I was terrified that I would never again experience a panic free day. I knew I had to take action to reclaim my life.


After my first session with Cindy I noticed a dramatic decrease in anxiety, and the helplessness I had previously felt was replaced with optimism. After follow up sessions I am now feeling back in control of my emotions, and I eagerly look forward to the new adventures life has in store for me." 


Cindy was my mentor and my life coach. She shows amazing insights into life that helped me move forward on my own path. She was empathetic without being protective, supportive yet inspiring and someone who’s presence I valued in life.

Highly recommended

Di Roberts
Di Roberts

I was a student with the Life Coaching Academy in 2012 where Cindy Russell was assigned as my mentor to assist me throughout my studies. I believe Cindy’s expertise, patience and dedication were instrumental in making this very personal journey of mine a truly enlightening and inspiring experience. Thank you Cindy for your positive contribution and for all your encouragement and support.

Stefani Zappia
Stefani Zappia

"I have been seeing Cindy for the last 4 years on and off.

My partner and I took on a new business 5 years ago, which turned out to be very stressful for me.

During that time I have had many times where I havent been able to see a way through it, and not known how I could keep going on.

Cindy has seen me through those times and given me many useful tools and ways to keep going. I have learnt so much from her and she has strengthened my self awareness amazingly. I know that there is no way I could have kept myself and the business going without her.  She has enabled me to find myself again and given me the strength to move forward to a much happier future.  "

Bev Fraser
Bev Fraser

There are only wonderful things I can say about Cindy as a friend and colleague with whom I have worked.  Cindy's insights and amazing intelligence make for a remarkable facilitator to assist people to be more of who they already are utilising her vast knowledge and her various talents.  She is always aware of people at a very deep level and enjoys assisting whenever the opportunity arises. I wish her all the very best with her new enterprises, as, no matter what Cindy does, she does exceptionally well and puts 100% effort into her work.

Loreto Whitney

"I have been married to Cindy Russell since 2001 and have enjoyed every minute of it - well almost.

She is a caring partner and devoted mother, determined to get the best out of every relationship she has, and not willing to suffer second best when it comes to legitimate, connected conversation.

Cindy loves exploring her inner being and investigating what can help her live a richer life. Her passion is pass this insight and knowledge onto others.plan to continue a lifelong partnership with this special person and would encourage others to engage as well. Remember look, don't touch!"

Matt Russell Fox Sports