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What statement appeals to you most in the manifesto above and why?

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6 responses to “The Peaceful Mind Project Manifesto”

  1. “Knowing what I want is more important than knowing what I don’t want. What I focus on grows.”

    I like this one…although the 2nd sentence scares me. I don’t feel like I have control of my thoughts…my over thinking takes over when something is upsetting me or worrying me.

    • I like this one too Dominique and I understand what you are saying about the second sentence. Often the fear comes when you try to stop a thought becuase you notice it doesn’t go away or just gets bigger. You cannot NOT think something (Try to NOT think of a pink elephant – I bet you couldn’t). If however you decide what you do want to think instead and when you have the unwanted thought you say “cancel cancel’ and replace with the new wanted thought this will work better and you will have nothing to fear 🙂

  2. I enjoy everything I do while also making sure I do everything I enjoy. I do enjoy everything I do. But am making sure I do everything I enjoy. I am working on me. I have enjoyed helping everyone all the time. But I also need to enjoy myself.

  3. “I feed my body and mind the best ingredients and my children learn by my example”. This is a great statement as I am into healthy eating and fitness, but too often, people obsess over food, but are in a negative mindset, and children certainly do pick up on this.

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